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WTG Members


JOSEPH CULP – Joseph is an actor/writer/director and filmmaker and has been working in theatre, film and television for over 25 years.  Films include Dream Lover, Iguana, The Arrival, El Jardin Del Eden, Apollo 13, Panther, Cyxork 7, HBO’s Full Eclipse, Hallmark’s Wild Hearts. Television: ER, Deep Space 9, House. He produced and starred in the award-winning 9/11 investigative drama, The Reflecting Pool. Joseph won critical acclaim for his performance in Hunger, a modern adaptation of Knut Hamsun’s 1890 existentialist classic, which he also produced.

Joseph is the founder of the LA-based Walking Theatre Group (since 1992) integrating theatre, film and transpersonal work for actors, writers and directors. He runs the Walking Theatre Workshop on Monday nights at the Electric Lodge and is currently developing his full length play “The Hound” about a spiritual odyssey on the Greyhound Bus. He most recently appeared in a recurring role as “Archie Whitman” on the hit television series Mad Men.


HOWARD DRATCH – Howard is a film writer, director, producer, and performer who has been a member of the Walking Theatre Workshop for three years.  He executive produced HBO’s Path to War about LBJ and the Vietnam War, wrote and directed the PBS series on Cuban music Routes of Rhythm with Harry Belafonte, and produced On Company Business, an award-winning film on the CIA.

ERIC DE GAMA – Eric is an actor, writer, and director.  He has developed several pieces and performed often with the Walking Theatre Group.  He recently appeared in the feature film The Reflecting Pool.  Eric teaches film acting at De Gama Studios.

AHNA FERTIK – Ahna is an LA-based writer and member of the Walking Theatre Workshop.  She recently retired after working for over 35 years for the U.S. Postal Service in Los Angeles, one of the very first female mail carriers. For ten years she was a member of the performance art group Hallowed Air. "Poetry is the aggression of otherness."

DOUG KNOTT – Doug has been an active poet-performer in LA and SoCal for many years. He is the author of one collection, Small Dogs Bark Cartoons, and many chapbooks. As a performer he was a member of the troupes, the Lost Tribe and Carma Bums, who performed 1985-95 at many venues on the West Coast. He also produced and hosted a 2-year cult variety show at the Lhasa Club, and had his own nightclub for a year in the late 80’s. He produced and
acted in 6 poetry videos, one of which Psychic Defense Training for Ex-lovers, was broadcast on W-NYC for a year. He has hosted several poetry series, including at the Club Lingerie and Ice House in Pasadena. As an actor, he also recently appeared in The Reflecting Pool.  

LYNDA LA ROSE – Lynda La Rose is a poet/writer/performance artist who 
has been writing and performing her work since 1993. She has been published in 
several poetry anthologies and is the author, producer and actress of “Summerfruit”, 
a one-woman spoken word show (a work-in-progress.) Lynda is a member of the 
Walking Theatre Workshop.

AUBREY LEVITT – Aubrey is a multi-disciplinary artist. She has an MFA in 
creative writing from The New School in New York, and had her first
solo art exhibition in Soho.  Recently, she has been studying acting in LA
and is a member of the Walking Theatre Workshop.

SUSAN LYNCH –  Susan joined the Walking Theatre Workshop last year, and is enjoying her participation. She is an actress, writer, and filmmaker.  She played the female lead in the Cannes Film Festival Award-winning film Northern Lights, an historic American independent film, which is soon to be re-released. Susan recently returned to the stage after a 20-year hiatus, broken when her creativity returned after the removal of a benign brain tumor, found by chance through her work at the Brain and Creativity Institute at the University of Southern California.