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The Walking Theatre Workshop is comprised of performing artists from diverse backgrounds and disciplines.  Actors, writers, directors, filmmakers, poets, and performance artists participate in a supportive group dynamic to generate, nurture and grow new work. 

The transpersonal Walking-In-Your-Shoes Process is combined with traditional techniques such as character improvisation, sense memory, scene and monologue work, and exploratory exercises to develop original work for theatre and film. 

The Walking Theatre Workshop is not a traditional “acting class”, but rather an all-purpose workshop where performers are encouraged to take control of their continued training and artistic output.  The skills and challenges of acting, writing and performance are tackled through the making of new work.  Actors are encouraged to write, writers learn to act, and poets transform their work from the page into a theatrical piece. Plays and screenplays are developed from the ground up. WIYS is used as a foundation to all new work, and it is this physical/psychological practice of “spontaneous empathy” that often provides the personal connection and jumping off point for the performer.

Work that is generated in the workshop is performed on stage at the Electric Lodge and other venues. 




A specialized workshop for professionals committed to developing their unique gifts and creating new projects for theatre and film.

Tuesday nights 6:30 – 10:00pm

Electric Lodge 1416 Electric Avenue Venice, CA 90291  Info: 310-408-8023

"Walking-In-Your-Shoes"™; A Body/Mind Method for Knowing and Being Others.  Developed for performers by Joseph Culp, this simply learned yet powerfully intuitive approach combines empathy, mindfulness, movement, and "representative perception" and is used widely by artists, therapists, coaches, and healing practitioners around the world.

Called the “Yoga of Acting”, the transpersonal “Walking” practice will:

-       Bring truth, power and freedom to your work. (In performance, on film sets, auditions)

-       Allow you to spontaneously embody people, characters, roles, ancestors, archetypes, stories, and dreams.

-       Develop new projects in a supportive group process.

-       Free “writer’s block”, transform social and perfomrnace anxiety

-       Expand your physical/emotional range.

-       Empower your artistic life.



JOSEPH CULP: Actor, writer, director, producer (stage, television & feature film). Drama Logue and SAG award recipient. Co-founder of the WIYS Embodiment Process; Artistic director of the Walking Theatre Group. Culp offers his own unique method of combining Transpersonal Process of WIYS and Organic Development of Character based on his work with Herbert Berghof, Uta Hagen, Kenneth McMillan, Arthur Sherman, and John Lehne.


The Walking Theatre Workshop includes:

-       Walking-In-Your-Shoes Process

-       Cold Reading

-       Improvisation

-       Building a Character

-       Affective and Sense Memory

-       Scene and Monologue Work

-       Writing (Play and Screenplay Development)


You will be guided to create your own theatre piece, film or original performance.